Further to the UK Government's recent announcement, and Birmingham's move in to the Tier 3 Category of COVID19 restrictions, we would like to update you on the changes we are having to implement at the centre. These will be effective from Wednesday 2nd December 2020.
1) All users should continue to wash their hands frequently, use the anti bacterial gels provided, before, during and after you climb. This is also compulsory when entering the building, using the toilet facilities and before entering the cafe area.

2) We now require all users to wear a face covering at all times whilst in the building, unless actively climbing. This now means that you must wear a covering whilst belaying. Hand hygiene is obviously important as you will be fiddling with your mask more often. In essence, if your feet are on the floor then you should be wearing a face covering.

3) The killer one here is that you are not permitted to meet up and climb with people outside of your household or support bubble. You should not arrange to meet and climb with someone that you do not live with. Users are free to continue to use the autobelay devices and bouldering, and use the training areas as normal, but whilst wearing a mask and observing social distancing measures.

4) Our kids Instructional sessions are unaffected by these changes as they are exempt, and will continue as usual.
5) Instructional sessions for groups can continue but only with people from the same household or support bubble

This is obviously not the most welcome news we want to give you, but it is what we are required to do to stay open and comply with Government rules. We need to do our part to ensure our community is safe and reduce the spread of the virus.

We thank everyone who has supported us since we re-opened, and hope this does not affect your visit too much in the future.