Membership and Entry Prices (Valid from 1st july 2018)

General Entry Prices to the centre for regular climbers, or bouldering. If you have never climbed before and wish to climb on the ropes, please see our COURSES on the tab above.

Standard All-Day Price

Annual Registration (mandatory for all users)        £3.75

Adult                                             £8.25

Concessions & Under 18s         £6.25

University Students                     £4.00 + Half Price Hire Equipment


We also do family rates for mixed age groups from the same family, for up to 2 adults and 5 children:

1 Adult + 1 Child                         £11.50

1 Adult + 2 Children                   £16.50

2 Adults + 1 Child                      £18.25

2 Adults + 2 Children                 £23.50

2 Adults + 3 Children                 £ 26.25

We are open Monday to Friday 10am to 10pm and on weekends from 10am to 6pm and as normal through Bank Holidays.

Hire Equipment


Belay Device                          £1.00

Harness                                 £2.00


Climbing Shoes       

Hire Belay Device, Harness, Helmet and Shoes together for just £5

We provide lockers for your valuables, however, you will require a padlock. We also have open pigeon holes in the main climbing area and bouldering area too.

Unlimited Entry Scheme


Our unlimited entry scheme offers a range of month passes for all circumstances. Passes can be purchased on arrival at the centre, and run for one month from the date purchased. Once it expires, you can either purchase another month pass, or pay for individual entries.

UES - Standard - £48 a month 
Our standard unlimited entry pass for person's 18 or over. If you are climbing twice or more in a week then this is the best pass to buy.

UES - Juniors - £23 a month
Our standard unlimited entry pass for competent user's aged 12 to 17 £23 a month. You must have passed an under 18 belay assessment to use the centre in an unsupervised capacity.

UES - Student - £28 a month
Studying at University? Pop along with your student card to qualify for this discounted month pass. A great way to keep climbing and still have enough left to go to the pub afterwards!

UES - Family - £95 a month
Our family pass allows up to 2 adults and 5 children of the same household unlimited monthly entry.


Discount session vouchers

These allow you to pre-purchase a quantity of entry sessions at a discounted rate. They don't expire, so if you find yourself not being able to come for a while then don't worry, the sessions remain on your membership until you next need them. Vouchers are not transferable to other users.

Set of 10 vouchers £72.50 (saving £10)


We close early on Christmas Eve at 4pm and New Years Eve. We are closed Christmas Day and New Years Day.

All prices include VAT at the prevailing rate. VAT Reg no: 849 2822 93