There's loads to do at Creation, whether you are in to bouldering or roped climbing we guarantee there's something for everyone.

The Boulder Zone, one of three bouldering areas at Creation

In Room 2 are more lead and roped walls


Our popular tall group slab. Some nice easier routes and occasionally we set a long technical route.

Our main slab, loved by the kids and adults alike. Easy and hard routes on a slabby wall make everyone happy.



The back room offers some challenging routes on different angles. This wall curves slowly but steeply making even the easiest routes entertaining.

Our featured slab is great fun whether trying features only or our set routes.

Lots of features, but deceptively difficult. This wall tests even the best climbers abilities.


The access to our abseil platform. Pre-rigged for instructor use or external group useage.


Not just flat panels at Creation. We have lots of featured walls that will make you think about what it's like to climb outdoors on real rock.


Mmmm, this one looks interesting. So many ways to get stuck in!!!!



More features walls. Graded at 5 and 5+ these routes fell different to each climber, some find them hard, others stroll up them.

The entrance to our cave system. 200ft of crawling twists and turn, offering just another activity at the centre.


The artificial crack line. At 5+/6a, you need to put your thinking cap on and practice your crimping skills to scale this route.


Our main wall, revamped in 2016 with a serious friction coating. Offering a great range of routes from 4 through to the 7's.

As part of our bouldering offering we have a 'Moon Wall'. Problems are updated as often as possible.



The 'Charko' Wall was revamped in 2016, now featuring two stalactites, and two AutoBelays

Interesting and wondering routes make this area of the 'Charko' wall a real challenge.

Think you have what it takes to astep out on to the stalectite, only one way to find out!


The featured walls in the main room offering some interesting possibilites. Try our set routes, features only or rainbow!


The main Boulder Zone has 9 circuits covering grades from VB to V11. With around 16 to 20 problems for each circuit.



The kids area was revamped in 2016 with a funky new colour scheme
and loads of new volumes to spice things up!

Ouch, 45 degrees of overhang. There's some serious dedication
needed to crack these bouldering problems in the Moon Room.



Our Kids Bouldering area, offering easy -off circuit problems






More kids climbing. Over 40 individual childrens bouldering problems



The outside of the Amphitheatre offers some shorter balancy routes.


The open cave and archway are home to some of the harder routes at Creation. This area is where you'll find the harder graded lead climbs.



The centre piece of Creation. Our overhanging roof is a challenge even for the most experienced climbers. Whether it's a tiger line through the middle or skirting the edges, you'll need some muscles to get up this beast!


The main amphitheatre area. Lots of routes here (mainly lead), this is where the hardcore climbers come to play.