DMM Sentinel Screwgate

DMM Sentinel Screwgate

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Model:  DMMSentinel
Brand:  DMM

The distinctive shape of this stylish little biner really makes it stand out from the crowd. But there is more to it than mere cosmetic appeal. It is not only a very neat and light belay biner, but also one that we’ve loaded with several interesting design features.

The kink in the spine has real functional advantages. For a start it allows for a bigger gate opening and makes it easier to handle. The shape also encourages the biner to stay correctly aligned on your harness belay loop.

The Sentinel HMS is versatile enough to make a good rigging biner too. You can fit a couple of clove hitches on it; plus it has a slightly offset shape that increases strength by directing force into the spine of the biner.

Lightweight HMS locking biner
Wide gate opening
Shape encourages correct alignment on the belay loop
Strong I-Beam construction
Available with a Screwgate or Locksafe locking system

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