Creation Climbing Centre - Member Discounts

Discount for centre members, discount for club members, discount for BMC membership, discount for Loyalty Membership. We get asked for shop discount on a daily basis, so we've abolished the variable tierd discounting scheme that we have employed over the past years and brought in a blanket 15% off for all Creation members.

To make it fair, and ensure that only existing Creation members get this discount, the discount code you need is displayed in our retail outlet on-site. Alternatively, if you iwhs to make a purchase from our shop online then you can call the centre on (0121) 449 8000 and give us your membership number, we can then give you the discount code over the phone.

How do you apply the 15% discount?

All you need do is enter the discount code at the checkout and your membership discount will be automatically applied!

Remember, you can get these great prices in our brick and motar store too, just present your membership card in the shop and the discount will be applied to your purchase.

We're confident that you won't find better price anywhere else on the web!