Boreal Joker Lace

Boreal Joker Lace

Our Price :  £70.00


Model:  jokerlace5.5
Brand:  BOREAL

The Boreal Joker is one of the absolutely classic shoes in the entry level and all day comfort genre. Apart from its even more plush cousin, the Joker Plus, no other shoe offers such great out of the box comfort and this is probably the secret behind its success. The Joker has a relatively high volume fit and is well suited to climbers with a broad or high volume foot.

An EVA insert concealed in the heel provides some cushioning for descents as well as a small measure of protection from falls whilst bouldering.

Comfort and convenience. Performance and protection - the Joker has it all, and does it all - from the climbing wall to extended bouldering circuits and multi-pitch classics in-between.

Despite its supreme comfort the Joker is quite a soft shoe and may not offer enough support for absolute beginners who have not yet developed their foot strength.

Such climbers may be better off considering the Boreal Silex with its stiffer sole and greater degree of

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