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Auto Belay's are here!

Thursday, 15 October 2015  |  Admin

Thanks to Entreprises UK we now have two Trublue auto belay systems installed in the centre.

We will aim to have a good spread of grades on the routes, and we will try to update those panels more frequently than others in the centre, so you have more challenges each visit.

If you have never used an auto-belay before then come down and give it a go. It's perfect for those climbers who don't have a climbing partner, want endurance training or just a break from bouldering for a bit!

Just clip in and go.....

Users should fully familarise themselves with the use of the system by reading the accompanying notes at the bottom of the routes.



Please note that if you are registered as a novice or a boulderer only then you will have to either demonstrate an ability to fit your harness properly, or have a member of our staff team take you through a quick induction of the user of the auto-belay system prior to use. You will not be able to use other roped lines within the centre until you are registered as a 'competent' climber.